Wait…Didn’t we just say that?

In October, we released a blog post that highlighted the foundation of our philosophy – with respect to athletics and education. If you haven’t read it, go ahead and read it. The post was in response to this popular blog post. Now obviously our post recognized, what appeared to be, the well meaning attempt of that author to help improve current youth sports. Although we disagreed with him, we presented some contrarian ideology that many in the industry do not hold. And we are unequivocally proud of that!

However, the other day, this other author released the following: excellence in sports. Not all of his post contradicts his previous post, but it has a similar message that we have seen before. Again, a message that was written a few months earlier. Either way, I’m glad that the author amended some of the thoughts from his first post; and supplemented his ideas with some “new” ideologies…

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